Review: Every Part of You - Tempts Me (#1) by Megan Hart

Tempts Me - Megan Hart

A quick review for a quick read. I'm not normally into serial novel formats, but for this first serial novel I've read from Megan Hart, I liked it. I didn't expect to considering this is a bit on the rougher (and a bit risque in other considerations) side of the erotic equation, but this was a good introduction to both Elliot and Simone.

Elliot and Simone meet one evening on the elevator. Elliot just got burned by his potential date, while Simone's been intrigued by him for some time (considering she's seen his rendezvous with various women from her office window - which is a bit creepy in itself). In any case, Elliot's kind of a jerk because he speaks blunt before he thinks. Simone is fiesty, savvy, and sassy - which I can honestly say I like her projected personality here (even if I'm at odd with what she does in the work thus far.)

Elliot invites Simone to a party that's hosted by Elliot's friend. Eventually, the two end up getting closer, even through a series of steamy interludes and awkward moments. The ending point of this novella makes the promise that the two of them are going further with getting to know each other, and I'll admit that for the establisment, I'm willing to see how they work out. As per usual, Hart's writing intrigues me, though I'll admit the serial novel format makes it a little more difficult to connect with the characters for more background. Still, I thought it was fine for a quick read in the genre. Looking forward to reading the next very soon.

Overall score: 3.5/5 stars

Note: I recieved this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher St. Martin's Press.