Reading progress update: I've read 40%.

Covert Assignment - Missy Marciassa

A little better than where it started, but while I appreciate the expansion on higher education and the fact that the heroine seems like she's drafted into the CIA and is an intelligent heroine, something about this narrative has a bit of a disconnect.  It's difficult to care about the characters, though I certainly understand their situations.  I get the feeling that it's trying too hard to be quirky and intelligent, but at the same time stick to genre conventions.


Then there's the slut shaming, which is still sticking out like a sore thumb.  I get that the hero cheated (and I understand the heroine's anger over that) and there's plenty of anger she aims in his direction as well as the girl he cheated with, but Elle has a minor attraction to another guy and doesn't hesitate to shame the secretary who works with that guy just for the way she walks.  So it's not just for the situation, she pretty much slut shames other women who aren't her friends.


Sometimes I feel like I'm the only woman who 1. never does this sort of thing IRL 2. Doesn't see why others do it, though I recognize the fact that it happens.


*sighs*  Still reading. I have a feeling I'll finish this up really soon since the narrative's moving along much quicker now.