Scene that played out about 30 minutes ago in my kitchen...

Conversation between me and my twin sister.


Sister:  So I saw a cockroach/waterbug in the utensil drawer this afternoon.


Rose:  (is petrified of certain bugs, cockroaches are her kryptonite)  Did you kill it?


Sister:  Not exactly.  I sprayed the inside of the drawer with bug spray, but he got away.  I had to empty out the whole drawer, so all the utensils and stuff need to be washed.  (clamps hand on Rose's shoulder)  I figured you could do that.


Rose: =_____________=


Sister: Relax!  I did most of the work already, even put clean water in the sink for you.  I cleaned everything out of the drawer, so it just needs to be wiped out.  I'm going to take a nap.  And that bug's long gone by now, he probably went and crawled back somewhere in the wall to die.


Rose:  Are you sure that you didn't end up dumping the roach in the water along with the entire drawer full of stuff?


Sister:  I'm sure.  Stop being paranoid.


Rose: (sighs)  Fine, go take a nap, I'll finish up here.


(Rose starts cleaning, wipes down kitchen counters, inside of utensil drawer where cockroach was spotted, starts washing the utensils in the sink with scalding hot, fresh water.)


(About halfway through her task, after the soap suds have cleared from water, said cockroach floats to the top of the water.)




Sister: (comes into kitchen) Wait, what?


Rose: (points to ginormous deceased cockroach with big antennae and long legs floating in water)


Sister: (raises brows)  Oh.  I guess it was in there after all.  At least he's dead, but sucks that you have to wash all that stuff again. My bad.




I love my sister, but sometimes I want to throttle her.  @___________@