Reading progress update: I've read 18%.

Put Me Back Together - Lola Rooney

I'll focus my energy on finishing this tonight since it'll be a quick read, then I'll move back to "The Troop".  If I were to rate it now, it'd be 2-2.5 stars.  The biggest issue I have is that it's rather standard for the storyline and I'm waiting for it to pick up its pace.  I will say that I like Lucas and Katie's camaraderie, I just wish Katie wasn't like every other "I have a damaged past, I can't love anyone" heroine who seems surprised when a guy shows even a moderate interest in her.  Lucas actually isn't too bad a guy.  (Maybe I say that because he's not abrasive, though he's noted as being a residential "bad boy."  Sometimes I wish that NA heroes could be more than just bad boys.)