So I have a month long subscription to Hulu Plus...

Compliments of a rewards program I'm a part of.  It was probably one of the better options I could redeem, and I've never had a Hulu subscription.  I've used Hulu before, just been limited to the free version.


Good news?  I can watch as much Sherlock, Lark Rise over Candleford among other shows to my heart's content, on multiple devices (definitely a good thing with the tablet I got for Christmas).


I probably won't have time to watch all the shows I want to watch because I'm using more of my free time for other things (like catching up on my massive ARC list and reading in general).  I'll still try to make the most of it.  Should be fun, especially since it allows me to watch some shows I either haven't seen in a while or need to catch up on.


Long story short: this is my long-winded way of saying I'll be watching a few episodes of Sherlock before I get to my nightly reading/writing session. =P  Cheers.