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Tousle Me (A Cliché Too Far) - Lucy V. Morgan

Enid may not understand, but I do. For the first time in… well, many pages… I’m not confused. “It sucks to be a girl. Especially a girl in a romance novel. Doesn’t matter what we do— we can’t win. There are all these crappy rules we aren’t aware of like, oh no, you can’t go out with him, he hasn’t been a complete shit to you yet. And then just when he’s started being nice, it’s all, no, we’re going to make him a stubborn douche, or a murderer, because that would be too easy!”


Morgan, Lucy V. (2013-12-11). Tousle Me (A Cliché Too Far) (Kindle Locations 3825-3828). . Kindle Edition.


Yeah, that pretty much sums up a problem with 99.9% of New Adult contemporary romances.