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Tousle Me (A Cliché Too Far) - Lucy V. Morgan

"“Okay, right, deep breaths not working. Try small breaths. Tiny ones.”


“Tiny ones?” I squeak, still clueless. “How many?”


He gives a helpless shrug. “I dunno... ten?!”


“Ten… tiny… breaths,” I wheeze. I can do this. I can. Fortunately, Hunter does the counting for me because, y’know, still an English major.


“There,” he murmurs, hugging me to his warm chest. “Better?”


Morgan, Lucy V. (2013-12-11). Tousle Me (A Cliché Too Far) (Kindle Locations 1073-1078). . Kindle Edition.


I do believe Lucy Morgan's going for referencing every major mainstream New Adult title release that's popular because, man, I've counted at least 20 references at this point that were both overt and subtle.


Well played, Lucy V. Morgan, well played indeed.