Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is where I show my game geek tendencies, but I thought I'd do a random post while I'm still working on editing my YA cyberpunk story.


I'm kind of a retrogame fan.  Fair warning.  So I like watching people do longplays and LPs (Let's Plays) of different games from the 80s and 90s across different platforms, some I've played (especially for the NES/SNES), others I never had the chance to because I didn't own the system. (i.e. Amiga. And I still regret I never had the chance to play the "Shadow of the Beast" series) Sometimes newer, but usually only if I'm previewing a game I'm interested in or if I like the commentary of that LPer.


So, I came across this longplay of the NES version of Batman, and it brought back memories because I remember the day my parents brought this game home for me.  This was one of the toughest games I played around the age of 8 or 9, but I remember the experience being awesome.  One of the things I loved about it was the dark cyber structure to Gotham City - it was one of the first times I'd seen it interpreted that way.  Another was the music.  Epic game music was epic. Sunsoft actually did a really good job with music and graphics for the Batman games I played - this one and "Return of the Joker"  - if I recall.  The only one I own still to date is this one.  Return of the Joker I think I rented from Blockbuster, but never bought.  (That tells you how old I am. *sighs*)


The Longplay player in this video makes this game look easy, as they beat it in under 30 minutes.  It was not easy, it was not at ALL.  I died so many times playing this game, it was just...rough. It was all about timing and patterns.  First level wasn't so bad, second level was a little rough if you didn't know the pattern (and it featured my favorite music sequence as a kid).  Third and Fourth boss levels just killed me every time.  The actual battle with the Joker wasn't so bad.


But yeah, bit of random nostalgia as I'm reflecting tonight.