My Goals for 2014

I'm still currently penning more of my Favorite Reads entries for 2013, but I figure a goal setting post for the new year wouldn't hurt.  (And I credit Howdy YAL's post for jogging my mind to actually do something like this for the year to keep track of.)


2013 was an eventful year for me, in that I ended up accomplishing a lot without necessarily having a central place to keep track of all my respective goals.   As of today, I'll have read 365 books for the present year, which is the most I've read in a long time. (I once read 400+ books in the course of a year before, but that was back in secondary school and I read all kinds of books the summer of that year, it was insane.)


I'm a fast reader, but I'd like to be even faster than I am now, so I think next year's goal will probably be at 450 books.


Goodness help me, that's going to be quite a hurdle to jump, but with the amount of books I have on the TBR, I can easily do it.  Well, not easily, but you know what I mean. =P


Another thing that I've been able to accomplish over the years is having written about 15 trunk novels, three of them just penned this year.  Meaning I've written them, over 50,000 words, but I haven't actually published anything. Some of the barriers that I think played a part of this are:


  • Lack of time
  • Lack of resources
  • Project left by the wayside and forgot to come back to it
  • Writing a project, then jumping to another
  • Tough inner critic (I'm probably much harder on myself than I am on certain things I read)
  • Indecision


I wrote a futuristic YA Argentine dystopian novel.  (Blood by Fire) - finished earlier this year, but not edited. I mentioned this project a few times when I was doing research on issues in Argentina and the backdrop of the Dirty War.  Ended up being over 80,000 words.


I wrote a YA cyberpunk story which was the subject of my last post. (Untitled for now, though I have a few titles I'm juggling between for it)


I wrote a YA story about two teen bloggers who deal with the aftermath of criticizing a very popular book, and standing up for what they believe against the very real backlash. (The Eyes of Caramel and Clover)


I really want to SP "Blood By Fire" and the YA cyberpunk story in 2014.   The latter's probably going to come first and it may be beginning or middle of the year.  "Blood By Fire" I still feel like I have more work to do on it and I'm not comfortable sharing it until I edit it down more, but I'm taking a break from it because I need mental space to be able to tackle that at a given time.


"Eyes of Caramel and Clover" might just be shared just to share if I feel comfortable doing it and if people want to read it.  My issue with that story is whether it's appropriate to share it when this is still a rampant problem (even to the point of what happened here on BL and GR in the past week).  Or would it be better to share it and have it out there as food for thought?  I don't know yet, but I'm mentally battling that out, and I'm hoping I come to some decision in the new year about it.


I definitely want to continue reading outside my comfort zone, but exercise more discretion about the books I pick up.  Which means limiting my NetGalley and Edelweiss requests.  That's going to be a challenge, though I'm currently under an ARC request hiatus until February.  So far I'm holding steady with it.  This also means tailoring down the amount of books I pick up in a given genre.  My New Adult ventures were both a success and failure this year, which was an unwritten goal I set.  I read just over 100 NA books.  80% of them, or thereabout, ended up being bombs.  I'll probably do a comprehensive post on that later.


I want to participate in more reading/book challenges.  This includes memes too.  I fell off the bandwagon with my Book Playlist challenge, so I'll just have to pick it up starting next year.  A few of the ones that I want to participate in already are as follow:


A-Z Reading Challenge (Read 26 books with each letter of the alphabet)

YA Genre Challenge (Read one book for each major subcategory of YA)

Finish the series (Complete a full book series in 2013, reread or new)


There are a few others, but I think I'll add them later as I go along.


I definitely want to clear out my review queue.  For good.  I have too many books from even the past few YEARS that I haven't written yet, and I need to start getting that down.  Some of the books I may have to re-read, because it's been so long since I've picked them up that my memory isn't as fresh as I'd like it to be.


Organize my book catalog better.  This is a challenge because I need to revamp my digital shelves and organize them.  On BL, GR, and LM as far as my active communities are concerned.  I have accounts on other book cataloguing communities, but I need to decide whether or not I'll be active or keep those accounts.


Do a blog tour, ARC giveaway drive, and keep up with theme day entries on my blog.  I've tried these in the past, they did not work out as well as I hoped.  I think 2014 will be the year I give myself a good kick in the seat of the pants and try to do all of these.  I have a hefty blog following now, but I could be doing more with this. It may be that I have to change my theme days and follow more established ones like "Top Ten Tuesday".  My "Soapbox Saturday" posts I'd love to do more of and give people food for thought, but I may try to do more topics than just bookish/writery reflections.  I did that quite a bit in the past given controversies that came across, but I think I can do more with it than that.


Record video tutorials.  I do this off and on for my YouTube channel. I started doing video tutorials for BookLikes and some various writing measures (writing software, writing tips) this year, but it didn't work out the way I wanted them to.  I think BL's done a lot since I started these that I'm just going to scrap the ones I have and make new ones.  I'll probably start recording and getting these out by mid-January and go from there.  See how it goes.


I think that covers my goals for the upcoming year.  I definitely hope they come to fruition, and I'll try my best to make them work out.