Finishing this one up soon

Captivated (Adam & Ella #1) - Emily Jane Trent

This is another book that I should be finishing up very soon and writing a review for, but the long and short version: I do believe this is the most boring NA book I've read to date. A quick read, sure, but I'm having flashes back to Christina Meredith's "Kiss Crush Collide" (though that was YA).


I think part of it may be the fact that not only is it written in third person, but there's barely any dialogue in the book.  And what little dialogue there is does nothing for the characters of Adam and Ella - it's either repetitive (repeats information already established in the novel) or incredibly dry  (like  "Oh, he's incredibly cute, isn't he?"  "Oh yes, he certainly is.")  Gahhhh.


Also, if I have to read that the hero describes Ella as "soft and feminine" one more time, it will be too soon.  


*looks at page*


Yeah...too soon.