Review: Grounded by You by Ivy Sinclair

Grounded By You - Ivy Sinclair

Quick review for a quick read. Ivy Sinclair's "Grounded by You" is a decent story in the scheme of new adult, probably one I'd give 2.5 stars to overall for how it held my attention. The story toggles between two perspectives. Millie (Amelia St. Clair) is a young woman brought up with a silver spoon, but wants to break away from her wealthy and well-to-do family to pursue an art career. Yet, things don't quite go as planned as her family pressures her into the business. Sam (or Carter Samuel Groveson) is a budding actor who just landed a major role in one of the most anticipated movies in the entertainment realm: "Where My Heart Breaks." Millie and Sam have had chemistry in the past for where they met at an inn before, but with Sam's aspirations diverging with Millie's life, it creates complications where their relationship is just starting to really take root.

The story starts off really well and I liked the construction of the characters and the premise. It starts off with a lot less dramatics and fanfare than most New Adult novels I've picked up. In my mind, that's a GOOD thing, because strays away from the formula and makes the scenario feel more real. I could see where Millie was pressured by her family to fall under their expectations, while I saw where Sam started to see the pros and cons of the acting life, even as he goes for filming in North Carolina. But it does start to take more dramatic turns as the story moves forward, with jealousy streaks on both Millie and Sam's parts as their professional lives start crossing with personal. Millie even forgos her dream as an artist at one point because of how Sam chooses to establish his career, even as it puts pressure on their relationship. It's frustrating in turns, but in the end, it turns out for the greater good.

The pacing in this struggles just a touch in places, but I was able to follow the story for what it provided. I'd read more of Ivy Sinclair's works in the future because I do like the way she develops her characters, and while I saw many of the turns this story would take ahead of time, I thought it ended up being a decent read for what it provided.

Overall score: 2.5/5 stars

Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher.