Reading progress update: I've read 60%

Tempest Unleashed: A Tempest Maguire novel - Tracy Deebs

Yeah, this book is confirming why love triangles always either gut me or make me facepalm.  It's done better than most stories that I've come across, but it's still awkward.  


For what it's worth, I'm kind of hoping Mark and Tempest work things out (unpopular opinion time).  In the first book, I wasn't really for either boy because the characterization revealed flaws - Mark was too on-off and I thought Kona was too convenient a bond.  But Mark's confession here had a sincerity that tipped for me.  Kona comes across as a possessive jerk in places here and I don't feel the bond between him or Tempest as naturally.


Meh, random thoughts, but I'm going to see where this goes.  I'm not gutted too much over the romance, but I'm more immersed in the world and overarching conflicts that are occurring here.