Review: Just One Night Part 2: Exposed by Kyra Davis

Exposed - Kyra Davis

Ye Gods, this book was intense. I’m very surprised that I'm loving this series as much as I am, given the nature of the relationships and power plays of profession and sexual intensity. Normally, I’d be raging at the sheer audacity of the heroes and heroine in the combined sexual power struggles, until I realized - that’s part of the point and the heroine isn’t taking things sitting down. As per the first part, Kyra Davis continues to shine in the second part of the Just One Night Trilogy, which has the love triangle struggle coming to a full tilt as Kasie has to face up to her husband’s possession. But all isn’t as clear cut as Dave would like it to be - the tension between them - the “war" if you will, is surprisingly alluring to watch. It’s no longer about love between them, it’s more of a political struggle of career and life ambitions that come to a full stop as possession comes into play. With the help of Tom, however, Kasie has an ally on her side, and to my surprise, things come out in her favor.

She gets the relationship she yearns for, and the chemistry between her and Robert is piping hot. The problem? Well, said heroine’s gone from one controlling relationship to another as things fall apart to a place where she believes she’s left one frying pan, and into another. I was surprised it went in that direction, and man, is it intense. I'm not even sure how this will end, but I'm eagerly jumping into the mix of things. Beautifully written, interesting power struggles, and intense relationships in more ways than one. I'm really intrigued.

Overall score: 3.5/5 stars