Can't Let Go (Love in the Balance)

Can't Let Go - Jessica Lemmon Oh wow, I'm really surprised by how much I liked this prequel novella. Jessica Lemmon's "Can't Let Go" tells the story of how Aiden and Sadie meet. Aiden's a thirty-something guy who just lost his ex-wife to his business partner, and is nursing his ego after being jobless and penniless since his ex-wife won the divorce proceedings. Sadie meets him and the two hit it off pretty well, especially on their second date. I was really convinced of their chemistry and relationship with how cute it was.

But things are complicated in Aiden and Sadie's relationship because while Aiden wants to introduce Sadie to his family, he hasn't told them about his divorce with his ex-wife. Reason? His family's dealing with their mother, who has cancer. Push comes to shove in the way of complications, and it seems the end of this novella is a lead in for Jessica Lemmon's next novel "Hard to Handle."

It's not a self-contained work, but I really enjoyed getting to know the main characters and watching their chemistry. Kind of saddened and frustrated me at the turn it took in terms of the lead in, but I think that was intentional, and it got me to care about the characters. Overall, I found it a nice lead in for the novel, and can't wait to see what "Hard to Handle" has to offer.

Overall score: 3.5/5 stars

Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Forever (Grand Central Publishing).