I think I might need to take a hiatus more often...

In the almost 48 hours that I've been away from Goodreads, I've read six books and finished five reviews (I'm still working on the sixth review).  I know at least that they've fixed the review problem over there, but it still annoys me that some of my reviews don't have the correct posting date over there anymore.  *sighs*


I'm still trucking my way through "Red Rising" among a few other books that I haven't noted on my currently reading list here, so I'll continue reading those tonight.  All I know is that I have several days worth of reviews to post, so that'll get me ahead and give more more stuff to submit to NetGalley (since many of the ones I finished were ARCs).


I'm still crossing off books from my list and working on improving my review ratio.  I'm hoping to get past 50% in the next few days and then go from there.  Still have a long way to go before I catch up.