Review: The White Dress in Color

The White Dress in Color: Wedding Inspirations for the Modern Bride - Candice Dowling Coppola, Carla Ten Eyck, Beth Lindsay Chapman

"The White Dress in Color" is a must read for those artistically inclined or looking for inspirations in preparation for a wedding. Absolutely stunning collection of wedding photographs - from the style of the dresses and themes, to the arrangements surrounding the different settings. Each photograph and quote tells a distinct story that's hard to pull away from. The authors chime in for their respective inspirations behind the different themes, including such a diversity from shooting photos in the middle of a Costa Rican rainforest to taking cues from "The Great Gatsby."

I loved the incorporation of the different environments here, and even the diversity of the couples as well. Probably among my favorite themes featured within the collection were Royal Street, The Loading Dock, and Tyrone Farm.

Definitely would recommend adding for wedding ideas or just to peruse in a collection. A quick read with 160 pages of full page color photographs, quotations, and expansions on each of seven themes. Coppola, Chapman and Eyck did a remarkable job with this.

Overall score: 5/5 stars

Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Schiffer.