Review: Too Fast by Alexia Haynes

Too Fast (Too Fast series) - Alexia Haynes

There's a time that I wonder - whenever I pick up certain New Adult books - why I do this to myself. I haven't read a book this terribly written since "A Million Dirty Secrets" - and I would even say that's better written than this (which if you know how I feel about "A Million Dirty Secrets" - that's uber bad.)

I don't know if I can give this book a proper review because the experience was such a waste of time. I struggled a little at the beginning to start it, considering it was full of the usual slut shaming, virgin shaming, dual viewpoints in which the hero and heroine have the personalities of ice cubes among other problematic things. Between the heroine not wanting any "slut' digging their "Chlamydia-filled claws" into her one-night-stand man, and the hero saying that the heroine's bra "served up her breasts" just for him, I knew this wouldn't go well.

Samantha comes across as something of a stereotyptical Valley girl with the plethora of "OMGs" and "He's so hot." Luke was a sex beast with *issues*. What either one of them are doing in college, I have no idea.

On a serious note, I couldn't get much from either of their characters, and they spend so much time lusting and having sex and shaming everybody around them (because, OMG, they've got PROBLEMS! Even with each other!) that I was just done.

I laughed for a good few minutes in places, and I'm very sure those scenes weren't intended to make me laugh.

Can't recommend this at all. It was poorly written, stereotypical, flat characterizations, meaningless plot, meaningless sexy times, and just...not good. This book probably makes Katy Evans's "Real" look like Hamlet in terms of the writing, at least what little I've seen of the former. Goodness.

Overall score: 0/5 stars

Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher.