Review: Revealing Us by Lisa Renee Jones (Inside Out #3)

Revealing Us - Lisa Renee Jones

I'm just going to jump into this review with a degree of bluntness that I think is needed to reflect on my experiences with Lisa Renee Jones's "Revealing Us."

Mediocre. This entire book was just mediocre from point A to B. I'm almost tempted to say that it's almost unnecessary in continuum with the series, and this is unfortunate because I actually liked the first two books in this series, despite some quibbles in consideration.

Sara and Chris have very little to none of the chemistry they had in the first two books, and the so-called "mystery" put forth to establish tensions in the work is almost an afterthought. What takes center stage in this book is petty dramas that feel thrown in just to create tensions not just for Sara's situation, but also in her relationship with Chris.

The story picks up a little after the events of "Being Me", and Sara's still reeling from a near fatal attack from Rebecca's murderer. Chris has chosen to separate himself from Sara, but in a last minute effort, the two reconcile and head off to Chris's home in Paris. Now, I wouldn't mind so much the exotic locale and the consideration that Sara's friend is still missing overseas (which is supposedly sold as a major conflict in this book, but it's really more of an afterthought). But what takes center stage is a series of events in which Sara makes blunder after blunder and she isn't intelligent at all in such decisions. She doesn't speak French, her passport and wallet get stolen from the get go, she's dealing with contentions from the person who tried to kill her (authorities think Sara left the country to flee allegations over killing Rebecca, which with what we know about the case is ridiculous!)

What was worse was that this book spent the majority of time using petty conflicts with Chris's past and relationships (namely Amber) to create conflict and quarrel Sara and Chris, and I wasn't buying it. At all. It was just really, really stupid and made the book such a tedious read to get through. I didn't think the sexy time scenes did much to convince me of Sara and Chris's intimacies either in light of these contentions.

The epilogue is meant to serve as a cliffhanger ending to lead for the next book, but I'm not falling for it. Matter in point, since this is no longer a trilogy, I may read the next book. But it's a far better thing in my head that I pretend this book wasn't written. It didn't add to the characters, tensions, or development established in this series so far at all. I can't really recommend it for that reason.

Overall score: 0.5/5 stars

Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher.