Finished (Quick read, but honestly...I'm angry)

In the Blood (Entangled Teen) - Sara Hantz

Done. Though my copy of this was actually 190 some pages, so it was a little longer than the version on Goodreads.

I think I'm going to have a long discussion this work and it's probably going to be very unpopular, but I think it has to be said.

I did not like this book.


I'm going to think about what I want to say in the larger discussions of this work before I write this review (which I'll try to write tonight in a little while.)

But to sum up my thoughts in a short statement: Very shallow, oftentimes offensive presentation of a tough subject matter. And this is even in consideration of the audience it's oriented toward. I got the message and I even understood the intent, but the execution left so much more to be desired and felt more like a sensationalistic piece for drama, rather than a coming to terms story and fulfilling mystery/crime expansion