Alice in Tumblr-land - Tim Manley

I have a feeling Belle from Beauty and the Beast would be throwing this book clear across the room at about this point.


My guess is that this book was trying to be as un-P.C. as it could possibly get and had some other agendas behind it.  But it wasn't funny. This book is full of sexist and terrible body and health humor among other matters - it boiled my blood.  I don't even think I can give this book 1 star.  I'm raging more internally than I can write in words because I thought this would be a light, really good humored read.  For such a good idea of having fairy tale and such characters in a social media environment, it really dropped the ball.


And it ruined my book gushing mood for today. *sighs*


I think I'll consider my options as to how I'm going to review this one, but I very well might feature some Disney character perspectives in it since this text draws upon them.  I might as well have fun with reviewing this because the experience reading it was not.