"As a child, I used to dart between and beyond the skirts of all the busy workers in this very room, fascinated with watching them as they tended to the participants. Curls twisting as the irons shaped them, puffing mists of scented powder swirling in the air, pairs of hands smoothing dress trains. Some of the workers hummed tunes of the Old World as they busied themselves. Could you imagine being that small, meandering through the hubbub in a labyrinth of shimmering lights, silky fabrics of metallic rainbow tones and glitter trails snaking along the dark floorboards?

That was before they restricted the little ones to roam in certain areas during the ceremony, so as not to impede the prep work. But it’d been a fragmented memory that made me recall how much anticipation I’d once had for this night."

Still more from my YA cyberpunk novel.  I'm still trucking along - this is a passage from my first chapter, giving some backstory from my protagonist.


I'm still baffled as to what I'm going to name this project in final, but I'm hoping as I get closer to the end, it'll come to me for the overarching state.  I have a few titles in mind that I've already given it, but I don't know if they might be boring or unfitting to what the tone of the novel actually takes.


Working on this tonight for an hour, see how far I get and then I may decide to read or continue working on this.


Happy reading all.