"“What’s left of me to stitch
Has yet to be sewn,
It doesn’t cover all the glitch
Or defer the beeping tone.

I’m pulled apart by my limbs,
Wires strewn about like streamers
The pouring coffee that brims
About to spill, before waking dreamers.

That moment just before
Before you close the door
Reset my regret, my dear,
And leave me to be no more.”"

- “Pulled Apart,” a song by Spins of the Chrome Midnight, 2257. (Unreleased)


Spins of the Chrome Midnight is a fictional rock band in my YA cyberpunk novel.  I have a few of these songs set to the side and trying to decide which ones (or whether at all) I should include them in my novel.  They wouldn't be in the text, but more like lead in pieces at the divisional sections.


If any of you guys know about the anime Cowboy Bebop or Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, I based the voice of this song from the vocals of Scott Matthew, whose worked on a number of songs with Yoko Kanno.  Some know his voice from the ending theme "Lithium Flower," among others. 


I'm still hovering at about 50% complete with this novel, but I'm glad to say that it's over 52,000 words now, which means I'm taking more liberties to develop it - it's taking much longer than I thought to edit, though, so I may have to skip NaNoWriMo this year.