Beasts and BFFs (13 to Life, #0.5)

Beasts and BFFs (13 to Life, #0.5) - Shannon Delany This was a decent read for me, even if I haven't read 13 to Life in it's entirety. I almost want to write two separate reviews about "Beasts and BFFs" because as far as the prequel goes, in and of itself, I couldn't give it more than two stars because it failed to grab me - the writing was decent at least. The characters didn't stand out and the situation didn't make me connect to the characters much. It felt quite dry and not enough for me to count as an encompassing short story. However, the excerpt from 13 to Life (though I could've done without the prologue) was a bit better. I did like the main character, though I wasn't too impressed with Pietr (pronounced Peter) as being the new guy that everyone flocks around. I suppose it was a decent teaser, but not enough to keep my page turning interest on its own. I do plan at some point to read 13 to Life to see how it fares, but as far as this free inclusion, it was just so-so and I expected a little more than the standard YA paranormal fare.