90 Days To Your Novel

The 90-Day Novel: A Day-by-Day Plan for Outlining & Writing Your Book - Sarah Domet I ended up reading this writer's craft book straight through, but I'll have to try it out when I'm trying to truly write a story in 90 days (as opposed to 30 or 60). I think it's certainly a great book for beginning writers in terms of having concrete examples and exercises to guide the writer along for the ride in the 90 day cycle, but I realized as someone who tends to make my own process of writing a novel (placing characters first, shaping stories by scene, etc.) and personal pacing it is a little limiting and sluggish. However, I expected that to be the case for isolating certain elements of the story at a given time. It's good if you're looking for concrete things to do in a day and sticking to your guns when you're working on the time cycle, so I'll give it that. It also offers helpful tips on structuring your stories in three act structure. There may be some things here that the veteran writers gloss over slightly because you feel you already know what makes good dialogue or for good conflicts, but the exercises themselves are useful in pushing yourself along in the process, and I feel the author's advice is useful, practical, as well as encouraging.By far, the most helpful part I took from this guide are the precursor chapters on outlining and structure that are included in part I. It gives a very nice summary of various ways you can prepare your scenes and gives examples as to how to format them. That was a nice touch and I could see myself using some of those methods to structure my stories before writing them.Overall score: 3.5/5