Write Good or Die

Write Good or Die - Scott Nicholson I bought "Write Good or Die" back in December of 2010, but didn't actually read it until about February of this past year (2011). It's a good compilation of articles on writing, the business of publishing, authorial stories of their experiences, among other things that writers might find interesting. I kind of approached it as a bit of a grab bag of information. Some of the articles I thought were pertinent to me, while others I think more of a novice to writing would likely get more out of or just were interesting reads on process and the ways of "getting there" as a writer. I think these articles, ad the wonderfully diverse selection of contributing authors, were worth reading. I think now (as of December 2011) you can find this for free on Barnes and Noble and Amazon. It's worth checking into if you're a writer just to see what you might get out of it.Among my favorite selections written were those by Mur Lafferty, M.J. Rose, Jonathan Maberry (I don't typically write Three Act Structure, but he gives some good food for thought on the matter, and his Novel Pitch Letter article was quite the read). Overall score: 3.5/5