The New World (Chaos Walking, #0.5)

The New World (Chaos Walking, #0.5) - Patrick Ness Dramatic prequel to "The Knife of Letting Go" and the collective "Chaos Walking" Trilogy. This was my introduction to Patrick Ness some time ago when I downloaded this for free as an Amazon Kindle purchase. This short story tells of how Viola, one of the main characters in the Trilogy, arrives to the new world for the very first time, and the range of emotions and experiences she goes through during that time. It's quite sad, and I certainly felt for Viola's character even more when reading this, considering its parallel to the events in the first book. It functions well enough to be a short story carrying its own weight, though some readers may not realize that the characters are on their way to Earth if they have no knowledge of Ness's trilogy in context.The short story is written in a series of memories interspersed with Viola's old life before coming to the new world, and the tragedy that occurs when she arrives. I thought, given the context of "The Knife of Letting Go" - it contributed much to the dimension of her character considering the scheme of events.