30 Day Book Challenge Day 8: Most Overrated Books

Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire Tumble & Fall - Alexandra Coutts City of Bones  - Cassandra Clare Easy - Tammara Webber Golden - Jessi Kirby


Day 8 in this 30 Day Book Challenge -  I'm steamrolling right along with this, though I'm a day late.  So far, it's been fun! =)


So this prompt asks me for most overrated book(s), so I'm going to give more than one as per usual.  Considering reading is a personal choice, many are more than welcome to disagree with me on citing these books. But for these books, largely I didn't get the hype, and furthermore, some of them kept me asking "WTF was I missing?" Some were just outright bad, some just didn't live up to their potential, and some were just...yeah.


Anyway, choices and explanations below.  I regret nothing.




When I think of overrated books, I think not only were they overrated in measures after their release (for some books), but they were also overrated for what they were marketed out to be before release.  I count either/or (or in some cases both) terms for this list.


I'm going to start with Jamie McGuire's "Beautiful Disaster" - some of you already know my thoughts about this book, but it still baffles me as to why this book has so much appeal.  I can't wrap my mind around what's sexy or savvy about Travis Maddox, nor do I understand why people don't see Abby's abrupt about faces in the measure of things she finds problematic.  Travis's personality is abrasive, unfounded in his motivations, and quite frankly he's about the unsexiest male hero I've ever come across in romance literature.  (Yeah, I'm not afraid to say that at all.)  Give me Hardy Cates or Thomas McKee or some well-developed male character who acts out but has an actual good heart behind whatever judgments may be cast on him by perception or his own failings, but don't give me someone like Travis who's shallow, only concerned about his own needy sentiments, and to the point where he would hurt even the people he loves to get what he wants or feels he *deserves* to have. 


I could go off on Abby just as much as well as the rest of this underdeveloped, odd cast, but I think I say as much about it in my review.  I just don't get the hype. And "Walking Disaster" actually knocked this book out of my top ten "Worst Reads" - that epilogue, man.  Rage.




"Tumble and Fall" by Alexandra Coutts had a ton of hyping press and anticipation before its release, but I think it fell flat for what it aimed for, so it gets a spot on my list.  I understood what it was trying to do, but ultimately - considering the cast of characters in this were bland and the end of the world scenario had very little realism or palpable stakes, it just fell flat.  




I think some of you knew that a Cassie Clare book of some sort would be on this list from me, but to give a bit of background - I didn't read "City of Bones" until well after it was released, and after I had read a few of Clare's short stories in the mix.  I actually thought some of her shorter pieces were okay, but jumping into "City of Bones" - I was highly underwhelmed.  The story itself felt predictable and plodding as I went through it, even to the measure of the reveal that was given at the end about Jace and Clary's relationship.  




Personally speaking, I thought that Tamara Webber's "Easy" was overrated from the level of praise I heard about it. I am probably in the minority with this opinion, but I wasn't impressed with it very much.  I felt that it had some very insightful measures of knocking down stereotypes and perceptions about rape, but at the same time, I wasn't impressed with the love story nor measures where it seemed to contradict the very statements about rape that it purported.  I'll admit I didn't go in with too high of expectations, but I still ended up disappointed. =(




Jessi Kirby's "Golden" deeply disappointed me.  I understand why some people like it, but I was upset at the very anti-ambitionist tone it takes with respect to the coming of age aspects of the book.  Also how it seems to champion not taking responsibility for ones actions in favor of the so-called epic "love story".  I got upset with it on multiple counts that I noted in my review for the book, but yeah. =(




That's all for this entry.  I'll be posting my picks for Day 9 very soon.