30 Day Book Challenge Day 5: Books that Make Me Happy

Poison Study - Maria V. Snyder House Of The Scorpion - Nancy Farmer Wanderlove - Kirsten Hubbard Bet Me - Jennifer Crusie Agnes And The Hitman - Jennifer Crusie, Bob Mayer Summer's Crossing - Julie Kagawa Cobble Cavern - Erik Olsen The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman Bed of Roses: Book Two in the Bride Quartet - Nora Roberts Summertime Blues (Lou!) - Julien Neel


Fifth day into this reading challenge.  This is an odd prompt for sure, because you could fit any number of books that could count towards making a person happy for a multitude of reasons.  What would be the qualifications?


I'm going to list 10 books for this prompt.  Some of them I rated five stars and some less, but in the end, they were reads that made me happy as a reader for a multitude of reasons. =)


I'm going to start with an interesting choice for this prompt:  Maria V. Synder's "Poison Study."  This book made me happy as both a fan of fantasy, romance, and a bit of something extra.  I remember loving the characters in this book to the point where my mind did happy dances even after I finished it, and I promptly bought the remaining books in the series soon after.  Matter in point, I probably need to reread this book and the following books in the series before the new books come out - I remember when the announcement came that Synder would add to this series, I did mental backflips.  Plus, the covers of this series had me suffering from book covergasms.



Have you ever had a happy feeling after finishing a book that really drew you into its journey despite the fact that it had some heart-wrenching turns?  Nancy Farmer's "House of the Scorpion" did that for me.  I was blown away by the level of the characterization and Matt's overarching journey through this book.  It took me forever to finally read the book, but I'm glad that I had the chance to do so, and I'm looking forward to reading the follow up as soon as I can.




Kirsten Hubbard's "Wanderlove" is a book that definitely made me happy upon reading it.  So much so that when I finished reading it, I wanted to re-read it again just to take in the experience once more.  Books that do that for me are usually those I find to be great reads, and this was no exception.  I've featured "Wanderlove" on one of my previous prompts, and have no qualms about featuring it again.




What would be a happy booklist for me if I didn't somehow mention Jennifer Crusie?  Her books usually send me to a happy place with their on-point humor and quirky characters.  I choose two Jenny Crusie books here because I loved the experience reading them and couldn't keep the smile from my face days after reading them.  "Bet Me" and "Agnes and the Hitman" are two among my favorites from her - "Bet Me" with its plus-sized protagonist (and I liked the couple from that book very much), and "Agnes and the Hitman" for being so "WTF?" most of the time that I read it (case in point: the heroine inadvertently kills someone with a frying pan in the beginning of the book.  That told me I would have to sit down to see where it would go from that point on.)




Julie Kagawa's "Summer's Crossing" remains one of my favorite entries in the original Iron Fey series because Puck's the narrator.  His voice (if you guys haven't listened to the audiobook version - and if you actually like audio reads - DO IT.  Josh Hurley's voice for Puck is priceless.) made the novella for me and put me in a happy place after reading it.






I make mention of Erik Olsen's "Cobble Cavern" as a middle grade series that put me in a happy place after reading it.  I loved how immersive it was - for the environment, action, character interactions - just so many elements about the book worked well for me.  I own three of the books in the series, and the fourth is on my highly anticipated reading list for this year.  It's one I would recommend (and continue to recommend in my personal reading circles).




Anything that Neil Gaiman writes usually puts me in a happy place, and I'm going to cite "The Graveyard Book" - even with as dark of a story as it is, because it's just that good of a read for me. Loved Bod as a character,  loved the Dance Macabre scene, and so many elements of it worked - including the fact that the audiobook is narrated by him.




I'm going to include one of Nora Roberts' Bride Quartet books in this listing because I love the friendships between Mac, Emma, Parker, and Laurel.  In a sea of many books that I see female characters going at each other's throats over guys - these books actually really did a great job of establishing how the ladies work together in their bridal business, VOWS.  (I actually bought the hidden object game because of this book series - it's a pity they discontinued the HDO game series, because it was one of the better casual games I've played.)


While I kind of wanted a little more from some of the books in this series, I'll admit that I still enjoyed the experience of reading it.  "Bed of Roses" was among my favorite of the series.




Last, but certainly not least,  I'll include a children's/middle grade comic series called "Lou!" that I really enjoyed and it put me in a happy place after reading it.  "I chose the second book in the series, "Summertime Blues" because it was one of my favorites among the stories.  It's fresh and funny, with relatable characters that would make anyone of any age have a big grin on their face.  Lou has to spend the summer at her grandmother's house with her mother, and ends up having some cool experiences in the process.





That's it for today's entry.  Until tomorrow (which means I'll have to bend my brain trying to think of books that made me sad).