How to Write Short Stories 3E (ARCO's Concise Writing Guides)

How to Write Short Stories 3E (ARCO's Concise Writing Guides) - Arco Probably one of the shortest guides to writing short stories I've perused as of late, but nonetheless a good one. If you've read any basic writing guides before, chances are you're not going to learn anything new in this particular book, but it's still a helpful way to juxtapose tips with your own writing and look at the different aspects just as a refresher, which is what I used it for. Beginning writers are far more likely to get more out of this work than veterans. Sorenson takes a bare bones approach to it, laying down some familiar guides to writing in terms of focusing on "showing not telling", characterizations, plot, among other elements that are key to prose.The publishing details I found, in my edition, are a little outdated with respect to modern resources (doesn't address electronic submissions, self-pubbing or any of that), so I would recommend that people use other resources to get more updated information, but at the very least, this book asks decent questions about how to analyze your SS piece and examine ways to maximize its impact.Overall score: 3/5