Chocolate-Covered Baloney (The Confessions of April Grace)

Chocolate-Covered Baloney - K.D. McCrite Review to come. I read a bit over 50% of this novel and had to do a DNF review because of technical issues with my galley copy. If I ever come across a full copy of this work, I'll likely update this review (and surprisingly, I actually would like to read the rest of this at some point.) On an overarching note, with respect to the content of this - I had issues with the overuse of phrasing, the antagonism of the main character, April Grace, with respect to her sister, and the pacing of the narrative. Another downside was that I didn't realize this was the third novel in a series, so I might've been lost to some events and character dynamic. Yet, I have to say - it's actually a cute book in spurts, and there were times it made me chuckle. It features a nice throw back to the 80s and gives a plethora of references, some of which I appreciated.