Review: "On Every Street" by Karina Halle

On Every Street (The Artists Trilogy, #0.5) - Karina Halle

Initial reaction: I'll probably end up writing this review before I write the review for Sins and Needles, but I have to say this was an excellent prequel story. I really enjoyed following Ellie's journey and just getting to know how she ended up meeting Javier


Full review:


Oh, holy crud, that was hot.  And tense.  It is entirely possible to have a story that can toggle between the two and do so with finesse, spark, and a lot of forward momentum, and this story did it for me. This is my second read from Karina Halle and I'll admit I loved this prequel story in "The Artist's Trilogy."  


"On Every Street" is the story of how Ellie Wyatt met Javier.  She takes on a pseudonym (Eden) in the name of enacting revenge against a drug lord (Travis) that robbed her childhood in a malicious event.  Ellie knows the terrain of lying very well, as she was once a young thief in a con artist family.  When she tries to go undercover to take Travis down, however, she meets Javier. 


Javier is naturally charming, funny, and very sexy in his introduction.  But at the same time, he has a dark streak that Ellie comes to know in her interactions with him, one that can be possessive, even dangerous.  Ellie's a smart girl, and I like how observant she is as well as the dialogue/chemistry she has with Javier, but she's quick to call out things she finds problematic or dangerous.  She learns about his line of work and that her path to revenge crosses closer to his double life than she thought it would. Between Ellie's sexy interludes with Javier and navigating how far she wishes to go between living and loving in a lie, "On Every Street" just pulls you in the overarching narrative and doesn't let go.  I have to say it impressed me on the level of the writing as well as how attuned to Ellie's perspective it was.


I can't wait to read "Shooting Scars" at this point, and I would certainly recommend this, not just in the vein of New Adult . I would actually recommend it especially for those who have read "Sins and Needles" especially because you get a better handle on the characters, though it can be read beforehand if one chooses.


Overall score: 4.5/5 stars