Six Weeks to Skinny Jeans: Blast Fat, Firm Your Butt, and Lose Two Jean Sizes

Six Weeks to Skinny Jeans: Blast Fat, Firm Your Butt, and Lose Two Jean Sizes - Amy Cotta I think if there are two strong points that Amy Cotta has in "Six Weeks to Skinny Jeans," it's her distinctive passion for her field and the way she presents the narrative in an easy to understand format. Usually in diet guides of multiple types, I look for those that are easily accessible, have a fair amount of information that would be useful to the person seeking to change their lifestyle, and something that can stand on its own as a reference to return to."Six Weeks" definitely aces the easily accessible challenge. Cotta's tone is conversational (as if you had your own personal trainer in the room with you), encouraging, as well as informative. She makes the concepts in the work very easy to understand and proceeds in a sequential form of what aspects to focus on - falling in the measure of examining mind, body, and diet in a six week program tackling everything from specific dietary regimens, to exercises, to encouragement as the reader takes the specific steps towards their weight loss goals.The "fair amount of information" part is decent, though I wouldn't say it goes beyond most dietary guidelines if you've read a number of them. The encouragement/mental/motivational parts of the guide I thought could've been a bit more expanded upon, because it's helpful for people to know whether they're ready to start exercising yet and address the barriers they have to exercising. She addresses them in brief, but perhaps not to the depth I was hoping for in the guide, even for a six week training program. The information on specific exercises and dietary regimens, however, are well advised (though arguably for the dietary portion, that's more on individual guideline recommendations. Some people may be able to simply control their portion sizes and still manage to lose the weight depending on how regularly they exercise and how many meals they eat in a day. As I've always been taught, and have reiterated to people I know - there's no one set recipe for someone to be able to change their lifestyle in a positive way, and be able to reach their fitness/weight goals. You have to tailor it to where you can work past your comfort zone in a feasible way, and any good trainer will work with you to see how you can best meet your goals. Since this is primarily a DIY guide, I understand that she's distinctly setting the guidelines for this regimen for people who want to try it and see if it works for them.) Her information on the basic assessments (RPE, average caloric intake, etc.) are also great, and easy to pick up on when reading the guide for the beginner.As for the "can it stand on its own?" measure of things - it would be dependent on the reader. Beginners with no other special needs/considerations could probably pick this up and run with it. I somewhat wish Cotta would've noted the PAR-Q or something like it to have the reader assess what they would like to do/accomplish in the weight loss measures. It's easy to understand and follow, though it asks for specific adherence that I think may not be necessary for some, and those who may have special considerations beyond this guide may need additional information beyond this. I personally haven't tried the six week intervention method she prescribes (I read this more as a reference book), but the fact that she includes a dietary guide, in-text exercises (including reference points to her blog - which works fine from what I was able to peruse), and various healthy recipes automatically add bonus points to this particular work.So, what other caveats to this guide are there? Well, depending on what angle you're sitting as you're reading this book, it may not be comprehensive enough to consider you if you have special needs (if you're diabetic or if you have specific physical limitations or something of that nature). Also, while Cotta's tone is conversational and certainly optimistic, her use of terms like "baby" and a plethora of exclamation points might make one a bit weary. It didn't bother me really, I was laughing quite a bit because the tone's so light and her energy is infectious, but I'll admit it was something that stood out so much that it was hard not to notice it, and I could see a potential for it to be overmuch. She's sometimes funny and other times the humor's a little off-kilter, but that might just be up to personal preference. :POverall, I enjoyed reading this, but I would say that there were considerations I think Cotta could've included in this guide to make it more comprehensive for women, and some recommendations that I think were a little too general for a reader to really take home and resonate with them for a lifetime weight loss program. Temporary weight loss sure, but I would prefer a guide that emphasizes more of a program that one could take with them for lifetime wellness considerations.Overall score: 3/5Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Rodale.