The Lavender Keeper

The Lavender Keeper - Fiona McIntosh Initial reaction: Well that was fairly freaky. I'll admit I saw this listed in my feed, saw the link to read it and took some odd minutes to read it. To be honest, Rose was a bit too self-absorbed for my liking, so I didn't like her, but there were parts of this story that were interesting, and I think the automatons were a nice touch, though I felt like there was still more to the story needed, even with the freakish ending (and yeah, I consider it freakish for a number of reasons).Full review:"Some Fortunate Future Day" was a short story under 5,000 words that was featured in the Steampunk compliation by Kelly Link and Gavin Grant. I've read a few of Clare's short stories and found some of them worth the brief reads, but while there were some interesting ideas with this particular story, it wasn't my cuppa. I think part of that might've been the rather brash and absorbed character of Rose, who lives among a group of automatons while waiting for her father to return home from war. She happens upon a stranger who ends up stranded near her home and nurses him back to health. She also falls madly in love with him. Yet when circumstances aren't to be and she blames herself for not making herself appealing to him...well, I think one can read the ending for themselves and get the idea. I'll admit it was interesting in a twist, freakish way, but the execution didn't quite draw me in for lack of connection. I liked parts of the tone, which had a dark coloring and almost keen desperation on the part of Rose. I also liked the personalities of the automatons. The setting was well drawn for the brevity, but didn't quite draw me into the story completely.I think it was worth the time taken to read, but not one of my favorite stories on the whole.Overall score: 2/5