Ultima Health and Fitness

Ultima Health and Fitness - Douglas Graham Fulford There's not much I can say about "Ultima Health and Fitness" unfortunately - only that I thought for the blurb and content it was to offer, much of it was very general information and quite underwhelming for a fitness guide. I appreciate the dedication and passion that Fulford has to exercise and maintaining wellness. His life story - given in quite a bit of detail at the beginning of the book - is inspiring and worth the time to read. His attitude is positive and encouraging. But rather than expanding a bit on the principles behind maintaining fitness and wellness, the book doesn't really delve and I don't see it as necessarily being helpful enough to make the reader who wants to get into exercise, well, begin a program. It gives a general recommendation of diet and exercise pictorials (the pictures of the demonstrated forms are good) but there's not a lot of expansion beyond that. There are other fitness guides that better go into the hows, whys, and structure of starting a fitness program, while being informative, encouraging, and exploring all the dimensions of fitness and an exercise program more properly. If you're an absolute beginner to starting an exercise regimen, or if you have special limitations to consider in your exercise program, this is not a book I would recommend. Even for intermediate or advanced trainers/athletes/exercisers, the information in this book is very general, so it's not likely they'd get much out of it compared to some of the other literature that's out there.Overall score: 1.5/5Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Insomniac Press.