Below The Belt (Harlequin Blaze)

Below the Belt (Harlequin Blaze, #404) - Sarah Mayberry I'm a bit torn as to what I think about Below the Belt in retrospect, because having a love for sports and an appreciation of boxing in general context - this book was definitely a different venture into what I've read in the Blaze line. I really liked the attention to the sport and fight scenes in the work. On one hand, I enjoyed reading about the relationship and dynamic between Cooper and Jamie. Jamie was just a bit too hot-headed/headstrong for me to really align with her character, though she was certainly realistic given her history and her dedication to her family, so I could see how that affected her character. Cooper, though he also had his stubborn tendencies in spurts, was awesome. I liked reading in his voice and learning about his past history - coming to terms with his own career pursuits and bias, as well as training Jamie. The chemistry between them was quite well written, in both the sensual scenes as well as outside of that. But even with my qualms with certain aspects of the story, I think Sarah Mayberry has a wonderful voice and flow to her writing, and I wouldn't hesitate to read another title from her.Overall score: 3/5