Review: Irresistible (Zenescope Adult Comic)

Irresistible - Raven Gregory, Sean Chen

I'm not even sure what possessed me to pick up this comic. I guess thinking it was from Zenescope, I expected it to have adult content (considering I had read the Grimm's Fairy Tales series). I figured it'd have something of a dark morality play to it. In some manners it did - because it talks about a guy who lost his only love in life and can't let go of her, and who subsequently gets cursed with a measure that every woman who comes across him is irresistibly, irrevocably attracted to him. That means a lot of nudity, and a lot of sex.

At first the hapless hero of this particular story is thrilled at the attraction and attention he gets from women. But it turns subsequently dark from what starts off as jealous rages between the women he engages in sexy times with, to the point where some of them are willing to kill or kill themselves over his neglect of them.

He tries to get help at the police station? The female cop has sex with him. He goes to a strip joint with male friends? Two women trying to give him a lapdance fight over him and he pretty much runs away from the whole thing.

He goes home to rest? Three stereotypical Latina women hold him at knife point and force themselves on him.

I cannot with the glamorized portrayal of sex in this book.

I cannot with the fetish portrayal of rape in this book.

And I certainly cannot with the idea that the only way that the guy can break his sex curse is by killing the woman he once loved.

If it were up to me, this story would get no stars at all. It was a complete waste of time, an utter offense, and I would not recommend it.

Overall score: 0.5/5

Note: I received this as and ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Zenescope.