Ghostbusters Volume 1 (Ghostbusters Graphic Novels)

Ghostbusters Volume 1: The Man From The Mirror - Erik  Burnham, Dan Schoening Did I say how much I love the Ghostbusters franchise? No? Really? Okay, fine, I'll do so now - I love this series; it was probably the series that jump started my interest in the paranormal, humor, fantasy, sci-fi type of stories. Loved the movies, loved the animated series installations. The animated series I'm most familiar with are these guys:Yeah, this dates back to the 80s. Yeah, I feel old. =_=The contemporary comic version has them looking like this (which is somewhat closer to the Extreme Ghostbusters design):Taking this out of the nostalgic tangent, the excerpt for "Ghostbusters Volume 1" was fun to read. I think I still have to get used to the art style, though the design of the monsters was actually pretty cool to see in development from a few of the panels that were in the excerpt. The story is reminiscent of classic Ghostbusters plots, intriguing while at the same time retaining its trademark humor. Taking on pro bono work eliminating ghosts in the city, Peter being a ladies man (as usual), Ray getting himself into sticky situations (and a Blues Brothers ode in here as well - nice touch), Winston being the voice of reason and Egon wanting to perform in-depth tests. I think those familiar with the series will find something to like in this. Those who are new will find something to like as well, since the story grounds itself in contemporary form, and the humor should appeal as well. As far as an audience goes, I saw a few peppered curse words in here, so I would think it'd be more suited for YA and up.I can't spoil much for events until it comes out (set to be in March 2012), but I'm looking forward to its subsequent release.Overall score: 4/5Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher IDW Publishing.