Buried: A Goth Girl Mystery (The Goth Girl Mysteries)

Buried - Linda Joy Singleton "Buried: A Goth Girl Mystery) is the first decent YA mystery I've read in a while. Savvy heroine, check. Real murder mystery, check. Awesome boy vigilante with snarky attitude, check. Request to read next installment - yes please. :)I think a part of my love for this particular book revolves around having a love for good mysteries that keep me guessing, while also featuring a cast of well-rounded, developing characters. This was my first read from Linda Joy Singleton, and it's the first installment in her new series. It revolves around a girl named Thorn (real name: Beth Ann), who manages to draw attention in more ways than one. She's not only the new girl at school and a certified goth girl, she's also a Finder - having the ability to spot odds and ends of objects - even sense their history. She ends up getting into more than she bargained for when she comes across a mysterious locket leading her to a surprising murder scene, causing a stir within her community and drawing suspicion from a few authority figures. This happens in the mix of a few events surrounding Thorn - the arrival of a highly popular singer (Phillipe), a music contest which Thorn reluctantly joins to get closer to the truth, and making inquiries surrounding a controversial vigilante at her school (the Grin Reaper).The primary and secondary characters in this story are fun to watch in their interactions, and the story pulls you in to care about the discoveries and overarching mystery contained in the book. I think there's particularly a strong chemistry between Thorn and the Grin Reaper (sort of a push-pull dynamic that's charming with their savvy, witty retorts toward one another). But I also liked the friendship dynamic and group camraderie that occurs through the relationships in the novel, and more than a few dynamic, colorful characters (example: Amerie wears fairy wings on a regular basis). The gradual reveal of the mystery is well plotted and sound when the realizations that are made, with several trial and error situations on Thorn's part to keep the reader guessing. I particularly enjoyed the ending considering not only does it lead to a conclusion for the novel's theme, but it also provides a nice lead into the relationships for the next installment.I enjoyed it very much and would recommend it for those who like YA mystery/contemporary stories with a bit of humor.Overall score: 4.5/5Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Flux Books.