Two Moons in August

Two Moons in August - Martha Brooks I recently re-read this book after many years and it's just as beautifully written and established as I remember it. The story focuses on 16 year old Sidonie as she deals with her mother's death a year after it happens. When Kieran, the nephew of a local doctor, moves into town, she not only finds herself dealing with life together with him, but also falls in love with him. What made it appeal to me was the way the characters are crafted in such a realistic way, and each of them - particularly Sidonie and Kieran, have their own problems to face within their families. I loved the atmosphere and the style of writing Brooks employs. Even if the story itself isn't a long read (the edition I have has 190 some pages), it captures and holds your attention for the entire time.Overall score: 4/5