Magdalena Volume 1 TP

Magdalena, Vol. 1 - Ron Marz, Nelson Blake II, Ryan Sook Any comic series that features a strong heroine who kicks butt and takes names usually earns a good marking in my books, and Magdalena Volume 1 proves no exception to that rule. I really enjoyed reading this action oriented series and I can't wait to read more about what happens to the characters in the series to come, but also to see how the writer expands upon the very interesting world he's built upon. Wonderfully illustrated and a great, fast paced plot written by the same writer who worked on the Witchblade series.Magdelena Volume 1 is the first installation of an action oriented series revolving around Patience, a woman in a long line of Magdalenas, female incarnate soldiers who protect the world from various demonic evils while cooperating with the Roman Catholic Church. Patience is a bit of a rogue soldier, as she's left the church because she didn't want to be manipulated under the wing of its leaders any longer. But she's called back to duty when a child claimed to be the son of Satan is proposed to bring forth the end of the world and humanity. Patience teams up with other fighters to battle the rising demonic forces, and she has a way of facing conflicts head on without looking back, though at the same time showing a very human resolve and conflict within, considering the task she has to undertake. This collection of volumes presents a self-contained story, but leaves room for development in future volumes to come. It's an engaging, immersive read, and I look forward to following it in its future progressions.Overall score: 4/5Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Image Comics.