Work Smarter with Speed Reading: A Teach Yourself Guide (Teach Yourself (McGraw-Hill))

Work Smarter with Speed Reading - Tina Konstant My first "read" book of the new year just happens to be on a speed reading book. Ha!On a serious note, this was actually a great guide to examining techniques and tricks to improve upon reading speed. I found the techniques that the author expands upon and suggests within this guide actually work very well. I read at a speed of about 513 WPM apparently...which is supposed to be good, but I think I actually read faster than that depending on how interested I'm into a topic. This book didn't really take me much time at all to go through, as much of it was good review and expansion through material I knew regarding the five-step reading system (Prepare, Preview, Passive Reading, Active Reading, Selective Reading), expanding vocabulary, improving concentration, etc. But some of the material I didn't know were natural techniques to reduce eye strain, mindfulness techniques to maintain focus against distractions, and some tips on real world reading (i.e. reading for work) that I could use.I'm likely to come back to this guide again at some point. It was very well organized and plotted out.