The Art of the Mass Effect Universe

The Art of the Mass Effect Universe - Chris Hepler, Casey Hudson "Art of The Mass Effect Universe" provides a stunning look into the character design, atmospheric structuring, and look of the popular Bioware game series. I'm a late fan of Mass Effect, having played the first game and steadily catching up with the series, but this is an excellent book for collectors and fans of the series to take up, even those who are just starting. It's organized into sections for those looking into the character construction and locations of each game, from the first to ME:3. I really loved seeing the setting design of places like The Citadel and Virmire, and I appreciated the background on how the designers did clothing and accessories for each of the different races. I'm in awe of the talent these artists have portrayed the world and races in these games. I do wish it were a little longer and included more commentary/insight into some of the characters, but I can't complain of the high quality work that I've seen here. I would definitely add it to my collection.Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Dark Horse.