The Troubleshooter

The Troubleshooter - Austin S. Camacho "The Summer Before I Met You" is a supplemental prequel story that introduces the reader to several characters in Sarah Rees Brennan's book "Unspoken" and ultimately in the "Lynburn Legacy" series. Primarily, this story focuses on the main character, Kami Glass, showcasing some of her trademark humor and infectious confidence during a summer excursion from the eyes of Liz, an outside character not featured in the series, but nonetheless observant of Kami and her respective family. It's easy to tell that Kami doesn't mind what other people think of her and it's a lot of fun seeing her interact with family members and getting into sticky circumstances with her friends. Angela makes an appearance here (with her clever humor as well), as does Rusty and a few other characters that Brennan spends a little time introducing. I don't know if this is as easy or as potent of an introduction to "Unspoken" as "The Spring Before I Met You", but I loved it just the same. I thought that it was well developed and entertaining for the story it offered, and there is a sense of loss in some of the events here, as well as the humor.I do lament that we didn't get a chance to see Kami interact more with Jared in this story as compared to Jared's discussion of Kami in the previous prequel story, but there was a point where their interaction is hinted at in this particular story when Liz observes Kami talking to herself after certain events come to pass. I think if you enjoyed "Unspoken" and "The Spring Before I Met You", this is certainly a story to pick up. Probably not as an initial introduction to the series, but rather supplementing the reads.Overall: 4/5