Who Is Jake Ellis? Volume 1 TP

Who is Jake Ellis? Volume 1 - Nathan Edmondson "Who Is Jake Ellis?" is a five issue comic combined in this single volume, about a rogue agent on the run from authorities who subjected him to experimental treatments. Jon Moore has been on the run for four years, living incognito alongside an odd presence that exists in his consciousness - a man named Jake Ellis. Jake knows his way around combat and defense, and aims to protect Jon from harm by using his knowledge to warn Jon of danger before its strikes. When Jon's suddenly approached by agents who want to kill him - alongside anyone that stands in their way - he's on the run again. Not only do Jake and Jon have to find out the identity of those who want Jon dead, they also have to figure out how and why Jake exists in a plane only Jon can see.I did see a few of the twists that "Who is Jake Ellis?" had to offer before they happened, but the way this story comes across in not only its wonderful graphic style, but in the overall pacing of the story and character insight is very well done. I would liken it to a story in the plane of James Bond and Jason Bourne, but with a bit of a supernatural leaning. There were a few things that I wish I could've seen in terms of what the experimentation linking Jon and Jake was like, and whether or not Jake was able to sustain himself alongside Jon near the conclusion of the story. I wouldn't mind seeing more of what this series has to offer, and what the future holds for both main characters - I connected with them throughout the story. In short, Volume 1 of "Who is Jake Ellis" is fast, enthralling, and a wonderfully immersible story with characters worth following through every turn. It's a gem.Overall score: 4/5Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Image Comics.