Smart Women Know When to Say No

Smart Women Know When to Say No - Dr. Kevin Leman This was offered as a Kindle freebie, and while I've read quite a few self-help guides/pamphlets discussing "Nice Girl Syndrome" and the issues surrounding that, this was one of the most annoying, generalizing guides I've come across. The author actually does make some decent assertions about how women who have trouble saying "no" to the people around them suffer from low self esteem and examines some of the destructive factors in the mentality via personal examinations across different relationships, but then turns around and makes a whole host of other claims that I just couldn't support at all - and they weren't necessarily backed up with other literature or studies. It's not well structured either, in comparison to other guides that do a better job of presenting the argument of what the issue entails on a more cognitive and constructive basis.For a freebie, this felt like a complete waste of time.