Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes - 'Jimmy Fallon',  'the Writers of Late Night' When reading this, I'll admit I read all of the quotes in Jimmy Fallon's voice with the signature mood music playing in the background. I don't know if that says anything about the book or the way my memory kicks in for things, but I will say that I enjoyed reading it for the most part.It's the kind of book you can read in less than half an hour, and it does have funny quips and quirks that are likely to make one chuckle if you really like the segment on the show. But I'll also admit that some of the lines...just weren't funny to me. It's hit and miss. I understand that they were written by various writers who work on the Late Night show, so that accounts for some of the varied quality and punch of the lines. I didn't mind some of them because they genuinely made me laugh, while others just made me say "meh". I can take toilet humor fine, but there's only so many times that fart jokes can be funny.Some of the ones I liked are as follows:Thank the radiator next to my bed. The noises you make resound in my head. The gurgling, the knocking, the hissing, the clanging. The whistling, chortling, ringing and banging - they wake me and plague me, such is the norm. But this ancient device keeps me toasty and warm.(Rhyme scheme, FTW.) Thank you...hotel minibar, for charging $7 for a mini Toblerone. And thank you, Me, for eating three of them. Thank you...PEZ dispensers, for being little creatures that vomit candy out of their necks. You're awesome. Thank you...snow angels, for being horizontal jumping jacks. Thank box, for being impossible to dispose of. Thank you for not fitting inside any trash bag or trash chute ever built by humans, and thank you for popping open and spilling half-eaten crust on me whenever I try to throw you away. Thank you..."Yes, I Agree to the Terms and Conditions" box I have to click in order to install software. You know full well I didn't actually read the terms and conditions. For all I know, I just agreed to become the new face of herpes, but I'm still gonna click you."(What?! I feel terrible for laughing at that, but the agreements thing is so true. People don't read them and just click the button to keep going half the time. And...I do too sometimes...*hangs head in shame*)If you get the full book version - it's a thin book with the phrases on one part and the full color pictures on the other - kind of a collectible item. I have the Kindle edition, which had decent formatting, but I think it was a bit too expensive for the price. I would've thought it'd bee a full fledged novel/collection of quotes. Some people will likely say the same thing for the book version as well given how quick a read it is. Still, I'd say check this out before you buy it and see how it strikes you. Like the humor, it could be hit or miss, but I enjoyed it well enough. Just wish that there were more to it, maybe in the same way that "S--t my Dad Says" was.Overall score: 3/5