Fractured Light

Fractured Light - Rachel McClellan "Fractured Light" portrays the struggles of a young woman with special abilities trying to live a normal life, all while shouldering the tragedies that have occurred in her family's past. However, not everything that Llona knows is as it seems, and the truth comes across in more jarring tones than she expects.Llona is an Aura - she has the ability to manipulate light in many forms. She doesn't embrace her power, however - even seems to loathe it in spurts as she struggles to control it. Her parents have both died, her mother murdered by the Vykens, her father killed in a car accident, but she lives with her uncle Jake. Llona is insistent on keeping herself on her guard at all times (with a prominent "woe is me" attitude) because of the threat of the Vykens. It isn't until she meets Christian Knight (biggest giveaway name EVER) among other friends, that she begins to let her guard down and embrace something of a normal life. At least until the strange threatening things start happening, and Llona realizes that these events aren't as random as they seem, and that they paint a target leading straight to her.I didn't know much about McClellan's novel going into it, but with noting it as a YA fantasy with magical elements, mystery, and suspense, I eagerly picked it up to see what the story had to offer. Suffice to say in reading it, the premise was fantastic, but the execution left much to be desired. I knew that the copy I read was an ARC - but I was surprised by the number of spelling and grammatical errors. Still, that didn't detract from my enjoyment of the novel as much as the awkward chapter transitions, phrasing, and initial pacing issues.That's not to say that McClellan didn't create an intriguing story on some levels - after a bit of a sluggish start for at least the first third of the novel, it kept me reading and Llona, who started off as a weak character who didn't want to embrace her destiny, ends up being a much stronger, likable character by the end of the work. But the way the scenes are sequenced, even down to the naming of the characters and their respective roles in the story, "Fractured Light" is quite predictable. You'll know Christian's role well before he reveals it and you'll likely guess the identity of the villain well before the big encounter happens (mostly because he seems to be everywhere). There are a lot of plot points and typical tropes to be had in this story as well, but I think for those who don't mind the usual YA paranormal fare, it won't be so bad of a read - it just takes some time to get the momentum going in the story. I have to give the author credit for the moments in the story when the suspense/conflict starts kicking in. The scenes are eerie, sometimes harrowing, and you get a chance to care about the characters as the tough events unravel and build to the crossfire.I'm intrigued enough to read the sequel, but I would say that I hope the next book improves a bit on the pacing, structure, and writing a little more than this one.Overall score: 2.5/5Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Cedar Fort (Sweetwater Books).