Star Trek Volume 1

Star Trek: Ongoing, Vol. 1 - Mike Johnson, Steve Molnar, Tim Bradstreet I really enjoyed the recent movie (2009) adaptation of Star Trek - and yes, I'm guilty for loving the ensemble of the cast members. And I proclaim myself a Trekkie from growing up on the original series (continuous reruns) and Star Trek: TNG. I did end up watching Deep Space Nine and Voyager later in life, but didn't quite follow them as regularly (and I can't really talk about Enterprise because I may've only watched one or two episodes). But I digress, enough to the point that I realize this comic series is a reimaging/retelling of stories featured in the original series in an alternate form, and picks up where the movie left off.The ship's undergoing repairs after their last adventure, and Captain Kirk and the crew are recuperating until they come across an abandoned ship with mixed signals sent in the log. They don't realize something is amiss until it hits their ship from the inside, and affects one of their own in ways they couldn't imagine.I'm receiving this as an ARC, and realize the story's limited for the copy I have, but what little I was able to peruse really had a hold on me. The artwork is beautiful, carefully duplicating the likenesses of the actors/actresses portrayed in the movie. The dialogue between the characters shows a good, realistic rapport, one that I'm familiar with for the characters and their particular demeanors. As far as the story goes - it's quite strong, and the ending point leaves a cliffhanger that makes me eagerly want to continue reading. I don't doubt that this would be a good introduction to newcomers as well as welcoming point for fans of the Star Trek series. Granted, those who haven't seen the movie might not get as much of the character development, but honestly - I don't think you have to in order to be intrigued by the story, it sets itself up well enough as a good jumping point.Overall: 4.5/5Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher IDW Publishing.