The Lying Game

The Lying Game - Sara Shepard Reading "The Lying Game" was remarkably different from my experience watching the ABC Family TV series, but for the most part, I liked what it had to offer. It's a decent chick-lit, mean girl murder mystery about separated identical twins who were raised in different families. Emma realizes that she has a twin after watching an eerie Youtube video and discovering her twin via Facebook. After connecting, Emma travels to meet Sutton, only to realize that Sutton never shows up, and everyone seems not to believe her when she claims she isn't who they think she is. To add to the complication, an anonymous tipper sends her threatening letters to keep up her act of taking Sutton's place, or die. The book toggles between Emma's and Sutton's perspectives. Sutton is dead, speaking from beyond the grave, while watching Emma as they both try to figure the murderer's identity.Granted, I knew this was an ongoing series and that the mystery probably wouldn't be solved in the first book, but I'll admit there were a lot of loose ends and glaring plot holes that irked me in the reading of this. I didn't like Emma's character as much in the book because she seems incredibly passive about making her defense about her identity. I would've thought she'd be more adamant, but she somewhat lets her identity fall by the wayside. Not to mention there are a lot of run arounds that don't really leave to many grounded assertions. It was good to know that the person who initially discovers Emma's identity still remained the same.I don't know if any of the characters are that worthy of sympathy, because just about every character acts in ways that are crude or condescending to one another. Even Emma has times when she channels her "inner Sutton" and can act in ways that seem counter to her overall goals. Even with that, I'm still intrigued enough to see where the story goes from here, and to see how the characters play out in the overarching mystery. I just wish that the story felt a little tighter and more grounded than what it was.Overall score: 3/5