Unbreak My Heart

Unbreak My Heart - Melissa C. Walker "Unbreak My Heart" tells a rather tough story from the get go, and one I think that provides a fair punch in the stomach when you think about what the protagonist is going through and the wake of events she left behind. Clem spends the summer on a boat trip with her family trying to cope with the aftermath of a tough school year. Her best friend Amanda shuns her, she's lost friends on Facebook, and she thinks of herself as a horrible person who can't find love again. Reason being? She fell in love with her best friend's boyfriend. While the interaction between Clem and Ethan isn't much given the circumstances, Clem isn't hurt by losing Ethan, she's hurt by losing her best friend and the memories they had together.The narrative switches between memories of Clem and Amanda together leading up to the big falling out and the present, where she's shifting the balance of her emotions in the aftermath of what happened. While I had some issues with the switching back and forth, I appreciated the care that Walker took with the subject matter, not only showing moral lines crossed in the events that transpire, but also giving a great look in terms of how Clem finds a way to move forward. This is very much a summer coming of age story that I enjoyed, particularly in the interactions that Clem has with the firey-haired and sweet gent that is James. He's funny, lighthearted, and even while he's going through some tough situations himself, he provides a balance with Clem's character that's refreshing to read. I definitely felt the connection between them and enjoyed their interactions.The only other thing that slightly bothered me were, in the discussion of music selections, playlists and such, I thought there were too many to keep track of. It somewhat weighted the narrative a little in places. Still, it didn't deter from me enjoying the novel for what it offered, and I would definitely recommend it for those who like YA teen reads with a chick-lit, coming of age, summer story leaning.Overall score: 3/5Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Bloomsbury.